The NIMI-initiative was created in the fall of 2016, with the objective to create a new foundation for managing knowledge and information in health care and other parts of society. The group behind the NIMI-initiative is today (January 2018) made up of six people who, from different angles, have seen the need for such a foundation, and now have joined hands to create it.

Allan Gustafsson holds a PhD from Stanford University. Among other things he has been the team leader for a major development project based in the Ministry of Finance as well as for preparing a long-term strategy for health care in the Stockholm County Council. He is the CEO of Mapsec, a consulting firm focusing on the public sector but also consulting for the World Bank. Allan is the author of the report Ett nationellt digital ecosystem för HVO (A National digital ecosystem for health care) financed by the Swedish innovation agency (Vinnova).

Dan Brändström is a senior political scientist, investigator and CEO. In 2001 he received the rank of Honorary Professor. He has held several leading positions in Swedish academic and society institutions, e.g. CEO (1993 – 2006) of The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, chairman of the board of the Folkuniversitetet (2000-) and Chairman of the Board of the Linné university (2010-). Since 1996 he is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and since 1999 a member of the Royal Swedish academy of sciences.

Fredrik Öberg is Consultant Anesthetist at the Karolinska Hospital. He started out as a mathematician and has also studied and taught both Formal Logic and Physics at the Universities of Stockholm and Linköping, before starting his medical studies. At Karolinska, he has been head of pre- op assessment clinic and of the department of postoperative pain, as well as team leader of several studies and projects with a focus on IT or informatics. He is also a national expert and co-author of some Swedish national guidelines in the field of anesthesia and intensive care.

Gösta Enberg has worked as a researcher, practicing physician and head of IT in the health care sector since 1970. He did his PhD at Karolinska Institutet in the field of endocrinology in 1986. He initiated and participated in a number of informatics projects including Samba and Julius. In 2007 he joined Headlong Development AB as a consultant for the development of a novel approach to information management.

Jens Eliasson studied economics at Uppsala University. From 1991 he worked as a consultant in the development of software for the publishing industry, mostly for Swedish newspapers and newsagencies. Jens is one of the founders and the head of development of Headlong Development AB. Since 2006 his work has mostly consisted of design and system development in the area of health care.

Robin Jeffner started his career a statistical analyst at Riksbanken, the central bank of Sweden. He has since been the driving force in several smaller consulting and systems development firms. In 2002 he founded Headlong Development AB together with Jens Eliasson. One of his main areas of interest is medical informatics.